Membership into the American Christian Knights is limited to the lower 48 states.

If your not a resident of any of these states your application will be denied.

No applications from Canada, Europe, Australia, or any mud race country.      

The American Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan is looking for outstanding Christian men and women who are employed. We are not interested in drug users, chronic criminals, jobless, or alcoholics. We are not interested in people just out to get a robe, a title, or to just say they are in the Klan. We are looking for men and women to be active in our organization. We have a very active women’s division (L.O.T.I.E.S)

If you do not wish to be an active, dues paying member, please don't waste our time or yours. We are working to make a better future for our future generations and need the help of hard working, honest white people. If you feel you can meet the requirements for membership please download or print out this application and mail it to address given. And you can also fill in the online form and submit it.

Follow the instructions on the application and supply the necessary items listed or it will be declined. Or, fill out the on-line submission form honestly and a recruiter will contact you.

You can't swear allegiance to any other order and be a member with us.

There are three ways to join or get information about joining.

1. Download the application, fill it out, mail it in with $20.00 money order, and copy of your picture ID. 

2. Fill in the pre-app form below and hit the submit button, a recruiter will call you

3. Call the Hotline  601-258-3113, and leave a message with your name, number, location, best time to call.

Download this app, fill it out, and mail it in

Fill this "pre-app" out and submit now